How do I Calculate the Number of Candy Corn in a Jar?

Updated March 23, 2017

If you have ever wanted to win a contest where you guess the amount of candy corn in a jar, then you will need to understand the volume formula. Using this formula, you can estimate the number of candy corn in a jar. However, this method is not exact. There are several estimates you make, such as space not taken up by candy corn, and size of candy corn. This method can tell you the most number of candy corn that can be in the jar fairly accurately.

Find the volume of a piece of candy corn. If you want a better estimate, find the volume of several candy corn and use the average volume. To find the volume, measure from the base of the candy corn to the top of the candy corn. This is the height. Measure the base. This is the bottom of the candy corn from side to side. Then multiply the base times the height times one-third.

Calculate the volume of the jar. Most jars are cylindrical. You need to measure the base of the cylinder and the height of the cylinder. Divide the base of the cylinder by two to find the radius. Then square the radius and multiply the result by the height and pi, which is estimated at 3.14 (or, as a fraction, 22/7).

Divide the volume of the jar by the average volume of candy corn. This will provide you with the maximum number of piece of candy corn that can fit in the jar.

Adjust your calculation downward by 20 or so pieces of candy corn to account for empty space in the jar between pieces of candy corn.

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