How to Fix "The Original File Could Not Be Found" in iTunes

Updated February 21, 2017

If you attempt to play a music or video file in Apple's iTunes software and receive a "The original file could not be found" error message, this means that iTunes no longer knows the location of the file in question. Put a stop to this error message in seconds by pointing iTunes toward the correct location of the file you are trying to play.

Double click the file in iTunes that you're trying to play. The "original file could not be found" error message will appear. Click the "Locate" button.

Click one time on the audio or video file on your computer in the "Locate" window now on screen. This window operates identically to any regular Windows Explorer file browsing window. Click around the directories on your hard drive until you have located the file in question.

Click "Open." iTunes will update the location of the file in its own memory to reflect its current location. The file will then play as normal in iTunes.

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