How to Check the Ink Levels in an HP 1220 Printer

The HP 1220c is a deskjet printer produced by the HP company. It is small and can fit onto a desktop, but can not scan or make copies. Despite this, it is an affordable and easy to use entry-level printer. HP has made checking ink levels easy so you never have to worry about running out of ink at a wrong time.

Click the "Start" icon. Select "Programs > HP > HP Solution Center." If you do not have the HP Solution Center, then you can download the full-feature print driver at the HP website.

Click the "Settings" option at the bottom of the program. Proceed to select "Printer Toolbox."

Click "Device Services." Select the ink cartridge icon to view an estimated reading of your ink levels.

Load any software program that is integrated with your printer. This includes word processing, spread sheet, or even graphic design software.

Go to "File > Print." You can also press "Ctrl + P" to access the printing menu as well.

Click "Properties." The ink levels are listed at the bottom of the properties window. Click "OK" to exit.


Check your ink levels at least once a week.


Never attempt to remove an ink cartridge when the printer is in use.

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