How to test hard disk speed

Updated April 17, 2017

A hard drive is the part of a computer that stores important saved digital information such as documents, programs and operating systems. The speed of the hard drive contributes to the ability of a computer to run faster and access information in a more timely manner. If you want to know how fast your hard drive is, it is easy to find out using one of a few downloadable hard drive speed-testing programs.

Download a hard drive speed-checking program like Bart's Stuff Test. If this is not a program you wish to use, there are other free programs available, such as CHDDSPEED or Roadkill`s Disk Speed (see Resources). When prompted, select "Save" and download the program into your downloads folder.

Navigate to your downloads folder. Double-click on the program and extract it into a file folder on the hard drive. Navigate to that folder and double-click on it to open the folder.

Double-click on the executable file. In the case of Bart's Stuff Test, the file is called "BST5.exe." Once the program opens, select "Options," "Quick Speed Test" and "OK." The program will now run a hard drive speed test on your computer.

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