How do I Open the Back of a Seiko Quartz Watch to Change the Battery?

Updated November 21, 2016

The Seiko Watch Company began in 1881 in Japan and began making railroad pocket watches, which were named the official "Railway Watch" of Japan in 1929. The chronograph pocket watch was introduced by the company in 1941 and its signature wristwatch, the "Grand Seiko", debuted in 1960. Seiko continues to produce several types of watches for men and women, including dress and sports styles. Removing the back of a Seiko watch in order to change the battery, such as a Seiko quartz watch, requires the use of a tool such as a small standard screwdriver or a case back wrench.

Turn the watch over and set on a soft stable surface, such as a towel or a computer mouse pad.

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the case back of the watch to remove any dirt or debris that could fall into the watch once opened.

Examine the case back. If there are several slots on the case back, it is a snap back case and will require the use of a small standard screwdriver or a case back wrench, available at most watch repair stores, to open. If the case back is smooth with a small indent on the side, it is a snap back case and will require a small standard screwdriver to open.

Insert the flat edge of the small standard screwdriver into the indent between the case back and the watch on a snap back case. Gently wiggle the screwdriver blade to open the case back.

Insert the small standard screwdriver in the slots on the back of a screw back case and turn in a counterclockwise motion to open the slots and remove the case back. Alternatively, insert the metal tips of a case back wrench into the slots on the case back and turn the case back wrench in a counterclockwise motion to open the slots and lift up the case back.

Remove the old battery from inside the watch and insert a new battery.

Things You'll Need

  • Small standard screwdriver
  • Case back wrench
  • Towel(s)
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