How do I Apply for a UK Visa in the Philippines?

A visa is an identification document, supplementary to the passport, which some countries require of certain people who visit their territories. In most cases, citizens of the Philippines need a visa to enter the UK, be it to visit, work or immigrate there. Once you have determined for sure that you are required to have a visa, you can apply for it using a process put in place by the UK Embassy in Manila.

Determine whether or not you'll need a visa to enter the UK. Nationals of the Philippines who currently reside in the Philippines will need a visa to enter the UK. Complete the official British Embassy survey, listed under "Resources," to see what your individual requirements are.

Prepare your documents. All visa categories will require your passport, the visa application form, at least one colour passport photo, financial and employment records and, of course, the visa fee. Consult the document checklist, listed under "Resources," to determine any additional documents necessary for your visa type.

Make an appointment with the UK Embassy by clicking "Schedule an Appointment." It's necessary to schedule in advance due to the large number of requests the Embassy handles.

Hand-deliver your documents and complete any additional required paperwork, as the UK Embassy must collect certain pieces of information about your appearance and behaviour prior to processing your application.

Track your application online using the "Track Your Application" link on the UK Embassy website. This way, you'll know when you can return to pick up your passport. It will also allow you to take note of any problems as soon as they arise.


It's essential to review your information very carefully prior to submission--errors on things such as names and dates can result in an incorrect or denied visa. You will not receive any money back if the Embassy denies your application, even if it's because of a mistake.

Things You'll Need

  • UK Visa document checklist (see Resources)
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