Basics on How to Use Hair Clippers

Updated February 21, 2017

Haircuts in salons and barber shops can be very expensive. Men, children and women who favour simple hairstyles are good candidates for simple, haircuts that can be done at home. One of the tools that can help create fantastic hairstyles at home is a good pair of electric hair clippers.

Childrens Hair

By combining a pair of clippers with a good pair of hair thinning shears, simple, attractive childrens haircuts can be easily created. Careful usage of the clippers can help shape the hair on the back of the head, while keeping hair on the top, sides and front of the head longer. Some children prefer simple clipper cuts where a guide is placed on the clipper to set the shortest length of hair. Guides are generally available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 9mm lengths. By putting a guide on the clippers and "mowing" the hair, all hair is cut to a pre-determined length.

Mens Hair

Mens hair can be easily cut with clippers, especially for men who prefer military style haircuts. By placing a guide on the clippers and running them over the head, all hair is cut to a pre-determined length. By using a longer guide on the top of the head and shorter on the back and sides, opportunities for later hair styling using gels or mouse are created by the longer hair on the top of the head. Use this technique to create fun, spiky looks.

Clipper Styling for All Hair

Men, women and children all benefit from clippers. Clippers can help shape hair around the ears or trim straight lines along the back of the neck. Clippers can also help to shape shorter hair styles. With some hair types lines can be cut into the hair style using a pair of clippers, creating fascinating, layered looks.

Cautions With Clippers

Clippers can be very sharp, so be careful around ears and skin areas. Until you are very familiar with clipper usage, it is best to work on the bottom of a particular patch of hair; if you make a mistake, you can simply remove the patch and start again. The key to learning how to use clippers is to start simple until you become familiar with how they cut.

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