How to Keep Someone From Stealing My Heating Oil

Updated November 21, 2016

Due to the high cost of fuel, heating oil theft is on the rise. Heating oil is used by homeowners and business owners alike for heating and cooking purposes. Thieves siphon the oil directly from tanks, store it in barrels and then later sell it at a cheaper price to other individuals or keep it for themselves. Learning how to properly protect your heating oil tank, by using practical security measures, is essential if you want to keep your heating oil safe and out of the hands of unscrupulous thieves.

Place a lock on your heating oil tank. According to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, locking your pump is the simplest form of security. Screw the lock on the tank, secure it in place and put the key in a safe, memorable location. You can purchase a heating oil tank lock for an approximate £32 online, or from any reputable heating oil company.

Install an alarm on your heating oil tank. Oil tank alarms are used to alert owners when their heating oil goes below a certain amount. An oil tank alarm kit will include a transmitter and receiver unit. Attach the transmitter to the heating oil tank and plug the receiver unit into an open socket indoors. When you incur a sudden loss of heating oil, the transmitter will notify the owner by sending a warning or alarm to the receiver. You can purchase a heating oil tank alarm for an approximate £97 online, or from an established heating oil company.

Put up a privacy fence around your heating oil tank. Make the fence sturdy and durable by cementing the fence poles into the ground. Add a lock to the fence door for added protection. You can purchase privacy fencing materials, cement and fence locks at hardware stores.


If money is not a concern, consider installing security lights around your heating oil tank as an added measure of security.


Locking your heating oil tank is a great way to protect your oil, but be aware that you'll have to unlock your tank every time you need more heating oil added.

Things You'll Need

  • Oil tank lock
  • Oil tank alarm
  • Privacy fence
  • Cement
  • Fence lock
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