How do I Upgrade an AV700 Hard Drive?

Updated April 17, 2017

The Archos AV700 is a mobile digital video recorder that can be used to download movies and shows straight from your television or computer. Upgrades have come to the device in the form of firmware that makes the device run more efficiently. The firmware is easy to install, and is recommended even for those whose devices is not having problems.

Download any firmware updates available for the AV700 from Archos's official website (see Resources). According to, many browsers are unfamiliar with the .AOS file extension, so your browser may give a warning about downloading harmful files, but Archos's official website assures the file's are not harmful to your computer. The site explains that most browsers give a warning to files that are not normally downloaded, such as the .AOS file extension.

Turn on your AV700 and connect it to your computer with your USB cable. It will take a few seconds for the computer to recognise the device.

Explore the detected device by opening up "My Computer" and right-clicking on the device. This will allow you to see all the files stored on your AV700.

Copy and paste the downloaded firmware into onto your Archos device. If you see two folders (Data and Media) paste the file into the Data folder. If you do not, paste the file into the device but not in any folders.

Disconnect the AV700 from your computer.

Select "Update Firmware" from the AV700. You can do this by clicking "Settings," "System," then "Update Firmware." This will install the firmware you have placed on the device.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cord for Archos AV700
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