How to convert m4v to AVI in open source

An M4V file is a type of MPEG-4 video file, largely used by Apple in its iTunes store. Most video files downloaded from the iTunes store are not authorised for duplication by anyone other than the copyright holder and thus are stored in protected M4V files. Many video editors will save files as nonprotected M4V files due to their high quality and relatively small file size. Unprotected M4V files can then be converted to any other format using one of the many open-source video-conversion tools available online, such as Handbrake, WinFF and Any Video Converter.

Open the Handbrake software and click "Source." Select "Video File" from the Source menu.

Use the file browser to browse your computer and locate the unprotected M4V file that you would like to convert.

Click "Browse" under the heading "Destination" to select the file's output location.

Select "AVI" from the "Container" drop-down menu.

Click "Start" to begin converting the M4V file to AVI.

Open the WinFF software window and click "Add." Use the file browser to select the M4V file that you would like to convert to AVI and then click "Open."

Select "AVI" from the "Convert to" drop-down menu.

Click the button labelled "..." to the right of the "Output Folder" text box. Select your desired output location and click "OK."

Click "Convert" to begin the conversion process.

Open the Any Video Converter software window and click "Add Video." Locate and select the M4V file that you would like to convert to AVI and click "Open."

Select "AVI" from the "Profile" drop-down box located in the top right portion of the software window.

Click "Encode" to convert the M4V file to AVI.

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