How to find a arcanite ore on wow

In the online role-playing game, “World of Warcraft” (WoW), you mine ore from metal veins found around the world. You can smelt the ore into metal bars to craft items. The metal “arcanite” is one exception since there is no “arcanite ore” in the game. However, you can create the “arcanite bars” used for quests and crafting by using alchemist transmutation skills. You will need a high level miner and a high level alchemist.

Mine the “thorium” metal veins with your miner character. These can be found in areas such as Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands Western Plaguelands, or Winterspring.

Gather “thorium ore” and “arcane crystals” from these veins. The “arcane crystals” will be harder to find, so this may take some time.

Smelt the “thorium ore” into “thorium bars” using your miner character. This requires a mining skill of at least 230 and a character level of 50.

Travel to Tanaris and purchase the “Transmute Arcanite” recipe from the Alchemist Pestlezugg.

Use the recipe with your alchemist character to learn the “Transmute Archanite” ability. You must have an alchemy skill of at least 275 to learn this recipe.

Transfer the “thorium bars” and “arcane crystals” from your miner to your alchemist.

Use your alchemist’s “Trasmute Arcanite” ability to convert the “thorium bars” and “arcane crystals” into “arcanite bars.” For each “arcanite bar,” you will need one “thorium bar” and one “arcane crystal.”


You can also purchase the “arcanite bars” or the components for the bars on the auction house if you have the money. If you have a friend who is a high level miner or alchemist, he can also help by gathering the material or transmuting it.

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