How Do I Turn Off My Car Alarm?

Written by kyle sanstrom | 13/05/2017
How Do I Turn Off My Car Alarm?
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Attempting to turn off a car alarm can be a frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing, task. Most car alarms are designed to draw attention in order to thwart thieves from stealing a vehicle. Aftermarket car alarms usually provide more security features than factory car alarms, but cost more money and are more prone to false alarms. In general, these alarms are also designed to be easily disarmed by the vehicle owners.

Depress the “alarm off” or “panic” button on the alarm key fob. Press and hold this button if the first attempt does not turn off the alarm.

Push the “unlock” button on the key fob. Oftentimes, unlocking the doors with the remote key will disarm the vehicle’s theft-deterrent system.

Place the key in the ignition and turn it to the “on” position. This action tells the alarm that it is the owner inside the vehicle and sends it a disarm signal.

Attempt to start the engine.

Disconnect the vehicle’s battery and the alarm system backup battery using the battery terminal wrench, if the above steps do not work. If the alarm system is malfunctioning, it may only be disarmed by disconnecting power to the entire alarm circuit.

Things you need

  • Battery terminal wrench

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