How to set up a free teamspeak server

Updated February 21, 2017

TeamSpeak is a free voice communication application that allows large numbers of users to connect to a single server and talk via microphones. The server is the computer that other users connect to in order to communicate. Setting up a server for TeamSpeak is free as long as it is for noncommercial use. Free TeamSpeak servers have a maximum user limitation but are a great alternative to other online communication solutions.

Navigate to the official TeamSpeak website (found under References) and download the server application. Choose the link based off of your computer's type as well as your operating system. The server application supports Windows and Mac machines running the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Open the server application. If the server application is contained in an archived file, extract it before execution. When the server application is run, your server is installed. Write down the "Administrator" name and password given. These are the username and password used to connect to your server as an admin.

Run your TeamSpeak program while the server application is running. Click the "Connections" button near the top of your screen and then click "Connect." Enter in your local IP address. Do nothing to the port number and choose a username to use. Click "Connect" to connect to your TeamSpeak server.


The server application must be running for your server to be active.

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