How to Make Cute, Girly Birthday Cards

Updated April 17, 2017

Handmade, girlie, birthday cards let a special girl in your life know you care. Creating homemade birthday cards is easy. Simply think of the girl you are making the card for and design it based on her interests. Cute, girlie birthday cards are great for girls of all ages.

Heat up the hot glue gun.

Cut the flower part off of the silk flower stems and remove the centre part of the flower. This leaves you with only the flower petals. This is the part that will be glued to the card.

Glue one big flower in the centre of the card or glue a small arrangement of three flowers to the card.

Glue a button in the centre of each flower.

Stamp Happy Birthday under the flowers using the hot-pink ink pad and rubber stamp.

Write a birthday message on the inside by hand.

Put the signed card in the envelope and seal it.

Address the envelope.

Apply the sparkly flower stickers to the envelope to decorate it.


Be sure to leave room under the flowers for the Happy Birthday stamp.

Things You'll Need

  • Pre-cut 5x7 white card stock
  • 5x7 envelopes
  • Small silk flowers (no bigger than 3x3 around)
  • Sharp scissors or wire cutters
  • Colourful buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Happy Birthday rubber stamp
  • Hot-pink ink pad
  • Sparkly flower stickers
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