How to Make Flower Pots at Home

Updated April 17, 2017

Flower pots are more expensive than the seeds they grow; that is just for a basic terra cotta pot. Making your own flower pots will save you money and allow you to have any style or print you choose. Great pots are made from clay, but not everyone has a kiln. With oven-bake clay solutions, you can make a plethora of artsy flower pots.

Knead the oven-bake clay like pizza dough until it is soft and malleable.

Use a rolling pin to flatten out your clay into a thin even layer; the slab should ideally be 1/4 inch thick with a 1/2 inch maximum.

Cut a circle from the slab for the base of your flower pot with a needle tool. A 3- to 6-inch diameter is ideal at the base.

Cut a hole with a 1-inch diameter in the centre of this clay circle for drainage.

Reshape the clay into a unified slab again. Cut a 3-inch strip from the top and set it aside. Use the remaining slab to create the walls of your flower pot.

Pinch the edges of the clay slab together and blend with your fingers to get rid of seams. Connect the bottom circle to the sides. Use the wooden modelling tools to create flat, smooth edges.

Add the 3-inch strip you saved for the rim around the top. Use any other cut-outs for 3-dimensional texture and design.

Bake your flower pot in the oven at 135 degrees C, 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch of thickness. Take out to cool and harden.

Decorate your flower pot.


Oven-bake clay doesn't need any addition of water; it will stay workable until it is baked. To make your pot smaller at the base than the top, like most plant containers, you need to trim clay of the bottom of the slab at an angle; this creates a trapezoidal shaped slab. Use stencils to create any extra designs on your flower pot. Use oven-bake glaze or acrylic paint to colour it in. Leave to dry. Apply terra cotta sealant to the inside of your flower pot. Insert soil and flowers or small plants. This method isn't ideal for very large pots because this clay isn't waterproof. Clay only becomes waterproofed when it is fired with glaze in a kiln.

Things You'll Need

  • Oven-bake clay
  • Needle tool
  • Wooden-modelling tools
  • Rolling pin
  • Terra Cotta Sealer
  • Oven
  • Acrylic paint or glaze
  • Paint brushes
  • Stencil
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