How Do I Connect an LG LH-D6230 System to a Television?

Updated February 21, 2017

The LG LH-D6230 is an AV receiver with a built-in DVD/CD player. To view playback of a DVD, the LG LH-D6230 must be connected to a TV using an S-video or composite video cable. The receiver is equipped with both types of video jacks to work with different TV models. An S-video connection provides better picture quality than the older RCA-type composite video connection. Either cable can be purchased at an electronics store.

Turn off the LG LH-D6230 receiver and the TV to prevent a power surge that could damage the television screen.

Check the back of the TV to determine which video connections can be used. A round S-video socket with four holes should be used for the best picture possible with the LG LH-D6230. Lacking S-video, use a composite video cable with a standard RCA-type plug on each end.

Plug in the S-video or composite connector from the Video Out jack on the upper right corner of the back panel on the LG LH-D6230 to the TV's matching Video In jack.

Turn on the LG LH-D6230 and the TV.

Press the TV remote control's "Input" or "Source" button until the video image from the LG LH-D6230 appears on the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • S-video or composite video cable
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