How to Make a Paper Helipad

Updated April 17, 2017

Making a paper helipad is an entertaining and detailed crafts task that can be accomplished alone or with a loved one. The project requires very few materials and can be done cheaply; however, everything must be done very carefully to make a beautiful helipad. Paper helipads can be made for small indoor toys or for large, expensive, motorised helicopters alike.

Decide approximately how large you wish the paper helipad to be. Examine the size of the helicopter; the helipad should be large enough to frame the whole of the helicopter. Paper helipads can be made for any type of miniature helicopter, from expensive motor powered copters to simple children's toys. Once you know the general size of your planned helipad, go to your local stationary or paper supply store and purchase two or three appropriately sized pieces of thick construction paper, card stock, Bristol paper, or tag stock. Select a type of paper based on how sturdy you want the helipad to be; an indoor helipad need not be as sturdy as an outdoor helipad that may need to keep still for a motorised device. Try to select a bright red or other bold colour for once of the papers. Also purchase a wide compass, if you do not own one already.

Lay one of the sheets of paper out on a flat, clean surface. Place the helicopter in the centre of the paper. If you do not physically have the helicopter, use a substitute object for the time being. Adjust the width of the compass to reach from the centre point to slightly beyond the edge of the helicopter's frame. Remove the helicopter, centre the compass, and make a wide, sweeping circle. The line need not be dark. Look at the product and make sure that the circle is proportional and complete. Retry the circle on the other side of the paper if the circle is unsatisfactory.

Cut around the circumference of the circle with a pair of sharp metal scissors or an extendable art razor. Cut slowly and precisely; cutting right the first time is much faster than needing to start over because of a mistake. Once the circle is cut, re-centre the helicopter on the circle and make sure the size is correct.

Cut out two red or boldly coloured strips of paper of equal width and lay them across one another on the paper helipad. Glue one down securely so that is forms a diameter of the circle. Snip off the excess paper so that it remains flush with the circle. Cut the other one into halves, and glue so that the edge aligns with the edge of the first paper. Glue the other one down on the other side. Snip off the excess paper. Glue your completed helipad onto another large piece of paper or stock, if desired, and enjoy your completed helipad.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Compass
  • Scissors or razor
  • Glue
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