How to Make a Knitting Bag Like Lexie Barnes

Knitting bags by Lexie Barnes are simplistic and include large compartments for carrying your knitting, sewing and other related craft materials. They also present themselves as fashionable accessories that serve as versatile pieces to accentuate some of your favourite outfits. Creating knitting bags like Lexie Barnes provides you with a cost-friendly craft that is both attractive and practical. Whether you're making them for yourself or as gift, your Lexie Barnes inspired knitting bags are sure to become a favourite.

Lay one of the fabric squares flat in front of you. Ease out any creases or wrinkles. Fabric choices should be attractive and durable enough to hold crafting materials. Coloured and printed linens, canvas, and hemp fabrics serve as useful materials for a knitting bag.

Squeeze a one inch thick line of glue along all but the top edge of the fabric square. Do this on the printed side, if using a printed fabric.

Place the second square of fabric directly on top of the other with the print side facing inward. Press the edges of the fabric together firmly to adhere them with the fabric glue. Let the pouch dry for about 30 minutes so it sets completely.

Turn the knitting bag inside out to expose the printed sides while hiding the glued seams. The end result is a large, one-compartment knitting bag resembling a Lexie Barnes creation that is both simplistic in style and attractive.


As an optional step, you can cut the ends from a canvas belt and glue each end to the inner sides of the bag to create a convenient shoulder strap.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Squares of fabric (24 inches by 24 inches)
  • Fabric glue
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