How Do I Adjust the Travel Speed for a Honda HRX Mower?

Updated May 18, 2018

Honda HRX lawnmowers are self-propelled with a three-speed transmission for three forward motion travel speeds. Changing gears on the shift lever changes the transmission gear to enact when the clutch is engaged at the desired speed. A three-speed transmission extends the life of a lawnmower engine because the travel speed adjusts for each situation in tall or thick grass to relieve engine stress.

Release the drive clutch lever. The drive clutch lever is below the stationary handle on the lawnmower while standing behind the appliance. The lever pivots down upon release, and the lawnmower stops moving forward.

Continue holding the lawnmower stationary handle with your right hand while holding the flywheel brake lever pressing against the handle. The flywheel brake lever is in front of the lawnmower handle. Pressing it against the handle keeps the engine and blades turning while adjusting the travel speed.

Place your left hand on the shift lever and adjust the travel speed up or down. The shift lever is on the left side of the mower handle above the throttle lever and below the handlebar at the rear of the mower.

Push the shift lever to a higher number for faster travel speed or a lower number for slower travel speed.

Raise the drive clutch lever up to the stationary lawnmower handle to move forward. This engages the clutch in the transmission so the lawnmower self-propels forward.


Use a slower speed to cut tall or thick grass so the blades have time to rotate and cut the grass evenly without placing stress on the engine. Use the fastest travel speed of "3" to transport the mower quickly to another area. Honda recommends use of the faster speeds to cut grass so that the blades lift and cut the grass in an even pattern.


Release the drive clutch lever when starting a lawnmower so it does not lurch forward in the starting stage and cause injuries. Release the drive clutch lever when changing gears to maintain a smooth shift in the transmission to extend the life of the lawnmower transmission.

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