How do I Steam Iron a Men's Suit?

Updated March 23, 2017

The clothes that you wear to interviews, work, conferences or other events make an impression on others. Wrinkled or improperly ironed suits make an unprofessional and uncaring impression, while a suit that is ironed properly leaves a good impression. Steam ironing gets the wrinkles out of a men's suit without ruining the fabric or risking burns on delicate materials.

Fill the steam iron with water until it reaches the full line. Never fill the iron with more water to avoid spilling water onto the suit during ironing. Plug the iron into an electrical socket and allow it to warm up. Set the temperature to the appropriate fabric, such as wool, linen or silk. Turn on the steam feature on the iron, which is usually a button. Some irons will differ and will not have a button as they are always set to steam. The iron will start steaming when it is ready to iron; it takes a minute or two before the water is heated enough to produce steam.

Set the suit trousers on the ironing board. Lay the suit trousers so that it will form a crease down the middle of the leg. Most suits will already have a crease, in which case line up the creases. If there is no crease, match the seams in the trousers and place the trousers on the side so that the seams are lined up.

Hold the iron about 1 inch above the pant leg. The steam will work out the wrinkles in the trousers. Do not touch the suit trousers with the iron. Move the iron along the entire length of the pant leg, and then flip the pant leg over to steam iron the other side. Repeat the steaming technique for suit trousers on the second leg. Check to make sure all of the wrinkles are removed and then hang up the trousers and set them to the side.

Place the suit so that the back of the suit is on the ironing board. Steam the suit jacket with the steam iron about 1 inch above the suit jacket. Steam the back first and then the front. Remember not to touch the fabric with the iron. Do one side of the suit jacket front at a time. The sleeves are the last part to be steamed on a suit. Steaming the back first prevents getting the front of the suit jacket rewrinkled after steaming. Check for wrinkles and then hang the suit jacket.

Turn off the iron and allow it to cool. Empty any extra water from the reservoir.

Things You'll Need

  • Steam iron
  • Ironing board
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