How to set up autofill on a computer

Updated April 17, 2017

Auto Fill, also commonly called AutoComplete, is a feature available in Internet Explorer that automatically attempts to fill in select fields for you. This can include data fields, saved passwords and even previously visited websites, depending on how you have Auto Fill set up. This feature works by pulling information from your previous history and saved cookies. By simply starting to type, Internet Explorer will offer suggestions or fill in the rest of the field for you, saving you time.

Launch Internet Explorer and click "Tools." Click "Internet Options."

Click the "Content" tab. Locate the "AutoComplete" section and click "Settings."

Place ticks next to the various options that you want to set up autofill for. Place a check mark next to "Address bar" if you want Internet Explorer to fill in Web addresses based on either your previous browsing history (check "Browsing History") or your saved favourites (check "Favourites").

Place a check mark next to "Forms" if you want Internet Explorer to automatically fill out website forms with your personal information, such as "Name," "Address" and "Phone Number."

Place a check mark next to "User names and passwords on forms" if you want Internet Explorer to save your various usernames and passwords and automatically fill them in when you visit a site that requires you to log in. This can include Web mail services, forum logins or user accounts for online retailers. Note that you can check the "Ask me before saving passwords" to have Internet Explorer prompt you before saving any usernames or passwords.

Click "OK" in the "AutoComplete Settings" dialogue box to save your settings. Click "OK" to exit out of the "Internet Options" dialogue box.

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