How to Access an Outlook Express Email Account

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Outlook Express is an e-mail service that allows users to store their e-mail data to their own personal hard disk. E-mail access is restricted to one computer only using the Outlook Express basic service. Some software programs can be used that contain applications that will allow you to access your e-mail from another computer. The easiest way to access your Outlook Express e-mail is to set up a web-based e-mail account and link your Outlook Express mailbox to it. This way you can access your personal e-mail from any computer at any location.

Go to a web-based e-mail account website such as and create an account.

Set up the account to allow you to use Outlook Express by selecting your e-mail server type as HTTP in your Outlook Express user settings. Create a username and password.

Log into the web-based e-mail website.

Open your Outlook Express e-mail inbox from your web-based e-mail account.


You can download software from websites to use to access your Outlook Express account such as or (see Resources).

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