How to Remove a Hard Drive From a Medion Laptop

Written by sam surgalski | 13/05/2017
How to Remove a Hard Drive From a Medion Laptop
Upgrade your Medion laptop's hard drive. (laptop image by martini from

If your Medion laptop has started to slow down, or you have overloaded its memory capabilities, then it may be time to upgrade its hard drive. Your laptop's hard drive controls the storage of all of your files, and when it starts to get filled up, this can cause computer speed and storage issues. Luckily, Medion has made it easy for their users to replace its memory drives. With only a Phillips screwdriver and about 10 minutes of your time, you can replace your hard drive with a bigger, more powerful one.

Remove the battery and/or AC charger from your laptop. This prevents any power surges from harming you or your computer.

Flip your laptop over, and remove the five screws located at the base of the computer. Set these off to the side.

Flip the computer back over and open the lid. With a little finger pressure, you should now be able to pry open the laptop's cover and set it off to the side.

Remove the small Phillips screw located on the right side of the now-exposed hard drive. This hard drive will be located on the left side of the computer.

Gently tug the ribbon cable out of the hard drive's socket and replace the hard drive by reversing the above steps.

Things you need

  • Small Phillips screwdriver

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