How to connect a computer to a TV with scart

Updated April 17, 2017

Connecting a computer to a television gives you a large monitor in which the volume can be controlled with the TV remote.There are many types of TVs with various connection options for achieving this. Having a computer with a SCART port allows you to connect your computer to your TV by using two cables and one adaptor. The process should take you less than five minutes, and you can enjoy your computer from your TV set.

Turn the computer off so when everything is hooked up you can boot the computer with the TV connected. Some computers can recognise the TV without having to reboot, but if your computer needs to reboot to display the computer, this is quicker than connecting everything first and having to wait for the computer to shutdown then restart.

Hook an end of the S video cable to the S cable port in the back of the computer. Hook the other end of the S video cable to the S video to SCART adaptor. Before plugging in an S cable plug, look inside the plug to identify the pattern, and match it to the pattern inside the port. Never force an S cable plug in, because that can damage the inside portion.

Plug the single-headed end of the 3.5mm audio to RCA cable into the green audio port of the computer. Plug the white and red plugs of the two-ended side into the matching coloured ports of the S video to SCART adaptor.

Plug the SCART adaptor into the TV. Start the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • S video to SCART adaptor
  • S video cable
  • 3.5mm audio to RCA cable
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