How to sell online advertising space

Written by pamela pender
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How to sell online advertising space
Selling space on your website could make you extra money. (dollari image by Rido from

Making money selling online advertising space is a great way to use up some of the unused space that you have left. It is an effective way to reimburse yourself for the initial cost you shelled out when you purchased your web space, as well as giving others a chance to make money using your product or information to sell their product or information. You should consider five things before you decide to make the leap of selling your online advertising space. All of them are equally important, and if you can create an effective strategy of how to do it all before you start selling space, you will have a much easier and more efficient time dealing with potential clients.

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    Decide what type of advertising you want for your website. This may not seem like an important issue, but it may actually be the most important of all. If you are selling children's toys, selling ad space for Viagra or other products aimed at the adult market isn't good for either business. Be mindful of the products you are selling. You want the advertising surrounding your products to enhance and not turn people away.

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    Determine the type and volume of traffic to your web page. It's not worth an advertiser's time to advertise on your website if you do not receive high volumes of traffic. Being able to join a network will increase the volume of traffic that you receive regularly, as well as the quality of traffic. However, to be included in a network, you must have a substantial amount of unique traffic that will benefit the rest of the network. The quality of traffic is important because you want people visiting that are buyers, not grazers.

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    Choose types of ad space to sell. There are three main types of ad space that people sell. The first is direct advert selling. This is one of the most difficult ways to advertise because you need to either have high volumes of traffic or very specialised traffic to get buyers interested. The second type of ad space to sell is banner space. This is the most common type of ad space, and the one that many potential customers find to be the most annoying. If you are considering selling this kind of space, know that you may lose some of your traffic because of it. The last kind of ad space to sell is the newest-- pay-per-click. This gives your traffic the opportunity to take advantage of the ads on your web space if they choose, and pays the client with each click of an ad. This is the most ideal for people with smaller websites that do not generate much traffic.

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    Determine your price. How you choose to price your advertising space is ultimately up to you. There is no wrong or right way to do it. However, being paid is your main goal. That's why dragging out payments before reaching a certain amount before paying a buyer may not be ideal. Charging a flat rate --- regardless of how much the advertiser makes with their ads, is one way to guarantee that you are going to get your monthly pay. Another method that people use is cost per impressions. This means that in a month's time, you will only pay for how many thousand times your ad is displayed. By example, if your ad only appeared 2,000 times that month, you may only owe £6, where in another month you may owe £16. Lastly, paying by using the pay-per-click method could be ideal. You could display a client's advertisement 50,000 times day, but if that ad is only clicked on 20 times when you are charging them 30p a click, they will owe you only £6.

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    Decide how you will manage your advertising campaign. If you are selling your ad space at a flat rate, the easiest way to manage your campaigns is to set up a PayPal account or other billing account that will automatically send out the bill to each client. They will be able to pay you directly through the account. On the other hand, if you decided to charge with a pay-per-click or a cost per impression option, you'll run into billing issues as each person will be billed differently. There are several software programs that you can opt to pay for as well as some that are free that you can use. But you will still run into the same issues of having to bill everyone separately.

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