How to Burn a CDG for a Karaoke CD

Updated February 21, 2017

CD+G files are a format for karaoke discs that are played in external karaoke players. The files contain both audio (the instrumental backing of a song) and graphics (the scrolling words). To create a CDG CD, you will need to use a burning program that handles these files, as well as a CD burner that can handle these file formats (most modern CD-Rs can).

Launch a CDG burning program. Microstudio and Power CD+G burner are popular software options. Both can burn CDG files to a disc, as well as rip karaoke files from other karaoke discs for making mixes.

Browse the computer for the CDG files that you want to burn to the disc. Import them into the program.

Insert karaoke discs into the computer's CD-R drive and rip the desired files onto the computer. They will automatically import into the program.

Insert a blank CD into the computer's CD-R drive. Wait for several seconds for the computer to register the blank medium.

Press the "burn to disc" button in the karaoke burning program to begin the burning process. The computer's CD-R drive will burn the CDG files directly onto the disc.

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