How to Buy a GlucoWatch

Written by helen jain | 13/05/2017
How to Buy a GlucoWatch
GlucoWatches measure blood sugar constantly while other meters only measure one minute of time. (Diabetic Tools image by painless from

A GlucoWatch, designed for diabetic patients, monitors blood sugar levels so that patients can use the watch throughout the day. Unlike the finger blood sample tests, the watch monitors changes in blood sugar levels through the day with low level electric currents. Buying a GlucoWatch is not simple because it is not always available in most stores with other diabetic supplies.

Look at online diabetic health websites or diabetic testing supply companies. These websites cater to diabetic patients and often carry products that other locations, such as a standard pharmacy store, do not. Websites like Diabetes Health have information that is important to any diabetic patient and often have supplies available as well.

Talk to a doctor about obtaining a GlucoWatch. Some patient's insurance requires a doctor's prescription or suggestion before allowing a patient to purchase the watch using insurance. With the prescription in hand, go to the pharmacist and place the prescription. Alternatively, the doctor's office or hospital can order the watch for the patient. If the pharmacist is unable to obtain the watch, talk to the doctor and request an order through the office.

Look at websites like eBay or online auction sites. Since GlucoWatch Biographer is FDA-approved for diabetic patients, it is sometimes found online through normal shopping websites or auctioning sites. Keep in mind that it will not always be available through these websites.

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