How to Turn on ActiveX in Firefox

Updated February 21, 2017

ActiveX was originally developed by Microsoft for use on its Internet Explorer Web browser. Specifically, ActiveX allows the browser to access an assortment of multimedia content available on a website. Mozilla’s Firefox, however, does not automatically support ActiveX controls. Rather, Mozilla has designed special plug-ins for its Web browser that allow its users to view multimedia content. In order to use ActiveX while using the Firefox Web browser, you will need to download a special ActiveX add-on.

Check which version of Firefox you currently have. To do this, simply open the Firefox browser and click on “Help.” Then select “About Mozilla Firefox” from the menu. This will open a small window informing you of the version of Firefox.

Locate the Esker ActiveX plug-in by navigating to the Firefox Support home page. Select “Add-ons” at the top of the screen. After the Add-ons page has loaded, type “ActiveX” in the search bar and press “Enter.” Scroll down until you see the Esker plug-in and click on it.

Ensure that the Esker ActiveX plug-in is compatible with your version of Firefox. If the plug-in is compatible, select “Continue to Download.”

Read the License Agreement and select “Accept and Install.” After the download has finished, close and restart Firefox. ActiveX should begin to work automatically. If it does not work, you may need to activate it manually by selecting “Tools” and “Add-ons” from the browser menu. Locate the ActiveX plug-in from the Add-on menu and click “Enable.”


The Esker ActiveX add-on may not work with certain versions of Mozilla's Firefox.

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