How to Repair a Pool Table Cushion

Pool table cushions provide a place for the balls to hit during play so that they can bounce against the walls and land in the pockets. Over time, these cushions may become crushed by the weight of the balls or harden due to age. When this occurs, there is no way to repair the cushions; they must be replaced. Replacing pool cushions is somewhat difficult, but it is not an impossible task. With a few tools, this project can be completed in just a few days.

Remove the old cushions by pulling away the top felt covering, using the feather strip puller or a screwdriver. Pull out any staples. Fold the felt aside for reuse if possible. If the felt is damaged, then cut it away in a long strip where the damaged area ends. Pull the old cushions up with a putty knife.

Clean the cushion area with an all-purpose cleaner and an old cloth. Clean the area of any dirt and glue residue. Allow the area to dry for 10 minutes before proceeding.

Sand the bottom part of the cushions to roughen up the bottom edge so that the glue will stick better. Sand the pool table where the cushions will attach as well.

Lay the new pool cushions over the cushion area. Measure the distance from the top of the cushion down to the playing surface. The dimension should equal about 1 7/16th of an inch. If the cushion is too high, sand the bottom of the cushion until it meets the correct measurement.

Place a line of glue along the table edge where the cushion will attach. Carefully place the cushion over the glue in a straight line. Start from the middle and gently smooth out the cushion toward the edges of the table to eliminate any bumps or air pockets. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Cut any excess rubber from the edge of the table with the razor knife. No part of the cushion should reach over the end of the table.

Cover the cushion facing in glue. Press the facing into the side of the cushion. Place a few staples through the facing and into the wood of the table to prevent the facing from slipping. Allow the glue to dry overnight. Cut any excess facing so that it lies flush with the cushions and table.

Fold the table felt back over the cushions or cut a new piece of felt to fit over the cushions. Staple the felt to the table so that it does not move or buckle. If desired, spread a line of glue over the cushion to hold the felt in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool cushions
  • Staple gun
  • Felt
  • Feather strip puller or flat screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Old cloths
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Razor knife
  • Cushion facing
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