My Toshiba Laptop Won't Charge With the Power Cord

Updated February 21, 2017

A power cord, or AC adaptor, charges a Toshiba laptop battery and powers the laptop. If the battery is not charging while the laptop is plugged into the AC adaptor, it is likely that you need to replace either the AC adaptor or the battery. You can easily test both to determine which is the cause of the problems. Once you have identified the cause, you need to replace the faulty part.

Power down the Toshiba laptop. Remove the AC adaptor and any other power sources.

Slide the battery release mechanism, located on the bottom of a Toshiba laptop, to the right. Continue holding the release mechanism in place while sliding the battery out of the battery bay.

Install the AC adaptor into the outlet on the right side of the Toshiba laptop. Plug the AC adaptor into an electrical socket that is working. Power on the laptop. This process troubleshoots the AC adaptor. If the laptop turns on, the AC adaptor is properly functioning. If it does not, replace the AC adaptor. Once replaced, the new AC adaptor should charge the battery. If it does not, continue troubleshooting the battery.

Turn the Toshiba laptop off. Remove the AC adaptor.

Clean the Toshiba battery contacts by dipping a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol. Rub the cotton swab on the battery and battery bay contacts to remove dust and build-up. While cleaning the contacts, inspect them. If you note corrosion, dings or dents on the battery, replace the battery. Do not use a damaged battery in a laptop as it can cause damage or start a fire.

Line up the Toshiba battery contacts with the battery bay contacts. Push the battery downward until it snaps and locks into place.

Insert the AC adaptor. Charge the battery for eight hours. During this time, do not turn on the laptop or remove the AC adaptor.

Remove the AC adaptor. Turn the Toshiba laptop on. Replace the battery with a Toshiba battery if the laptop does not turn on. If it does power on, the battery is charged.

Things You'll Need

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swab
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