How to Troubleshoot a diNovo Keyboard

Updated February 21, 2017

Logitech's diNovo wireless keyboard is rechargeable. Consequently, unlike normal keyboards, problems with the diNovo keyboard include charging issues. Other issues include problems with the wireless functionality, including the keyboard losing a connection with the computer. You can troubleshoot these kinds of problems by following a few steps.

Clean the copper contacts behind the keyboard with a soft, damp cloth if the diNovo won't charge. Dirt or debris can cause insulation between the keyboard and the charger. Allow the diNovo keyboard to dry before trying to charge it again. Look for a blinking green battery-icon light on the keyboard when charging. The light indicates charging is taking place. A solid green light indicates that the keyboard is fully charged.

Re-seat the keyboard if the light is out. A red light indicates the battery level is poor and that the keyboard needs recharging.

Place other electrical devices 8 inches or more from the diNovo keyboard if the keyboard loses connection with the computer. The keyboard is wireless, despite needing a connection to charge. Wireless keyboards use radios, and radios are subject to interference. Move the diNovo closer to the mini-receiver and try moving the mini-receiver if you still have connection problems.

Verify that the diNovo keyboard is using the receiver that came with it. Other USB receivers won't work. The diNovo Edge, for instance, uses the Logitech USB mini-receiver Part No. 830-000005 or 832243-0000. The part number is printed on the product label.

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