How do I Match Pajamas for the Entire Family?

Updated April 17, 2017

When Billie Bowman was growing up, her mother started a favourite family tradition that Bowman now continues with her own family: buying matching pyjamas for the whole family at Christmas. "We love to open our pyjamas on Christmas Eve," she says. "We put them on and then we open one more gift--an ornament. We listen to Christmas songs and put our ornaments on the tree." The pajama-clad Bowman family then settles in with Christmas goodies and watches a movie together. It's a fun and memorable tradition that Bowman hopes her son Garret will some day pass on to his own family.

Shop for your pyjamas as a family or delegate one family member to pick them out and surprise the rest of the family on Christmas Eve. Bowman says she has found matching family pyjamas at several different retailers over the years, including Wal-Mart and Old Navy. If you can't find what you're looking for in a store, do your shopping online. Many companies sell matching family pyjamas on their websites but not necessarily in their stores. You'll find them at,, and many other online retailers.

Make matching pyjamas yourself if you sew. Take the family to a fabric store and select your fabric as a family. You can make the shopping easier by first deciding on colour, fabric type and theme. If you want to match with a slightly different look, you could choose the same design in a different colour for each family member.

Put on the pyjamas. Once everyone has donned their sleepwear, everyone will match and be ready to make a cosy Christmas memory.


Don't forget Fido. Many pajama retailers have matching PJs for your dog too. Take pictures. Bowman says one of the best parts of the tradition is looking back at pajama photos from the past. "We get out those pictures and just laugh and laugh together. I think every family should have special traditions they enjoy doing every year," she says. After all, it's the memories created that make traditions meaningful.

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