How to Remove the ViewSonic Monitor Base

Written by kenneth crawford | 13/05/2017

ViewSonic makes a wide variety of computer monitors. They have the standard monitors as well as LCD flat screen monitors. When moving you want to pack up your monitor for travel. Packing the monitor requires removing the monitor base. Removing the ViewSonic monitor base depends on which monitor type you own. The standard monitors use a base that has a sub base attaching it to the monitor. The LCD flat screen on the other uses a base that locks onto a stem on the back of the monitor.

Unplug the monitor power cord from the power source. Disconnect the monitor cables from the computer.

Place a towel on a flat surface and place the monitor on its side on the towel. Many of the standard monitors use a curved screen rather than a flat screen. Laying the monitor on its side avoids damaging the screen.

Slide the monitor base forward to access the locking tab on the sub base. The sub base connects to the bottom of the monitor, and the base pivots on the sub base.

Pull up on the locking tab with your thumb, and slide the sub base toward the front of the monitor. Remove the sub base and base away from the monitor.

Unplug the monitor power cord from the outlet, and disconnect the monitor from the computer.

Place the monitor screen side down on a towel over a flat surface.

Locate the locking knob on the bottom of the base. Turn the locking knob counterclockwise 90 degrees with your fingers. Pull the base off the monitor.

Things you need

  • Towel

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