How to Print Labels on a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

Home computers and printers allow you to print labels in varying sizes at home rather than at a printing store. Printing at home is more convenient and often cheaper than paying someone else to print the labels for you. You might want to print labels at home for a variety of reasons, including address labels for invitations or other mail, file organisation around the house or labelling food ingredients in the kitchen.

Purchase label paper. Buy a little more than you think you need to cover for any mistakes. There are many different label sizes; buy the one that is most appropriate for the labels you need to print.

Create your label document. Open Microsoft Word on your computer, and click the "Mailings" tab (for Microsoft Word 2007). Under "Start Mail Merge," click "Labels" and the Label Options window will open. Select the printer tray to print from (wherever you will put the blank label paper, the label paper vendor, and the label paper product number, which can be found on the front of the label paper packaging). Click "OK." and the label document will open.

If you have a version of Word that does not include the "Mailings" tab, start a Mail Merge in the program and navigate to the Label Options window. Use the Help tool in the program if you cannot find the Label Options window.

Fill in all of the labels on the label document. For example, if you are sending out invitations, fill in each recipient's name and address on a separate label on the page. If you have the addresses saved in another document, you can open that document and use the copy/paste tool to copy the content from one document and paste it into the label document. Use any font you want for the labels, as well as any formatting options like bold or italics. When you are finished typing and formatting the labels, save the document.

Insert the label paper into the appropriate tray in your printer. Click "File," then "Print" in the label document to print the labels. Print just the first page only to make sure they are printing correctly. If they are not, be sure the paper is inserted correctly; you might have it backwards or upside down. Once you successfully print the first page, print the rest of the label document. Keep it saved in case you need to print it again.


If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, there are several online label sites and software you can download and use to print labels at home, such as Worldlabel Label Design software, or other software that may have come with your printer. Install that software and follow the instructions to print labels using the site or software.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • MS Word
  • Attached printer
  • Label paper
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