How to Winterize a Jayco Pop-Up Tent Trailer

Updated February 21, 2017

Jayco is an American company that manufactures recreation vehicles ranging from large fifth-wheel trailers to small folding campers, sometimes called pop-up tent trailers. The company introduced the original folding camper in 1968. As of 2010, the Jayco folding camper still uses the same patented lifting system as the original. Pop-up trailers are popular with owners who want an economical RV that can be towed behind a car or small SUV. Setting up a folding camper involves lifting the roof panel so the canvas sleeping quarters can be extended. Winterising your Jayco pop-up involves removing all water from the holding tank, water heater, and plumbing to avoid damage in freezing temperatures.

Remove the screws from the access cover on the base of the dinette cabinet with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the cover and place it aside to reveal the hot water heater. Locate the drain valves in the plumbing lines near the water heater labelled V1, V2, V3, and V4.

Open valves V3 and V4 in a counterclockwise direction by hand to drain the fresh water tank, hot water heater, and water lines. (If you do not wish the water to drain onto the ground, place a large drain pan or bucket under the drain pipe on the outside front left corner of the camper.)

Close valves V3 and V4 once all water has drained from the system. Close the V1 valve in a clockwise direction to keep RV antifreeze from entering the fresh water tank.

Place the siphon hose located on valve V2 into a gallon container of RV antifreeze. Open valve V2 in a counterclockwise direction. Turn on the power to the on-demand system at the control panel located near the sink basin.

Turn the on-demand power switch off once all of the antifreeze has been sucked from the container and circulated through the system. Remove the siphon hose from the empty antifreeze container. Replace the dinette cabinet access cover, if desired.

Pour one pint of RV antifreeze into the sink drain, and one pint of antifreeze into the shower drain (if your camper is so equipped) to protect the traps from freezing.


The above directions assume that you have a power (or demand) plumbing system to provide water pressure. If your camper has a hand pump instead, winterise your system by draining the water from your fresh water holding tank by opening both hold and cold water faucets at the sink basin. Leave the taps open to allow air to move through the plumbing system, which will help to dry it out. Drain all water from the water hand pump near the basin by moving the pump handle up and down several times. Pour one pint of RV antifreeze into the sink drain to protect the trap from freezing. If your camper has the optional cassette toilet, follow the toilet manufacturer’s directions to winterise it.


Never use automotive antifreeze to winterise your Jayco camper, as it is poisonous and harmful to humans and animals. Use only RV antifreeze available at some discount stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drain pan (optional)
  • 1 gallon RV antifreeze
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