How to Add Isohunt to uTorrent Searches

Updated February 21, 2017

The BitTorrent protocol uses torrents and torrent clients to download files at fast speeds. Torrents are small files that contain instructions on how Torrent clients, such as uTorrent, should handle downloads. Although it is possible to locate torrents with general search engines like Google and Bing, more efficient search engines are specifically dedicated to torrents—for instance, Isohunt, one of the best-known torrent search engines. Including Isohunt in the list of search engines may improve your chances of locating a certain file.

Open the uTorrent application. Click “Options” and select “Preferences.”

Click “Advanced” in the left panel of the “Preferences” dialogue box. This option is at the bottom of the list of options.

Type the following into the “Search Engines” box, at the bottom of the list of search engine addresses already present: “IsoHunt|”.

Click “OK” to apply the change and close the preferences box. When you search for a torrent file with uTorrent, it will use all the search engines listed, including Isohunt.

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