How to Reset Canon Printer Cartridges

Updated February 21, 2017

Canon printer cartridges are expensive to replace every time your device runs dry on ink. That's why many people choose to refill ink cartridges for the Canon printer, saving money and cutting their operating costs for prints. After you refill the cartridge, the ink-level indication chip needs resetting in order to avoid error messages on your computer. With a small electronic device, this process only takes a minute to complete and it turns a refill cartridge into one that is like new.

Buy a chip resetter for the model of Canon printer you own. There are universal chip resetters, designed to work with printers of a variety of makes and models. and chip-reset devices made for individual printers. You will find them at ink-refill stores.

Find the pins or metal tabs on the chip-reset device. They are located inside the notched cartridge insertion area or on the side of the tool. Line up these pins with the tabs on your Canon cartridge. The two must contact in order for the reset to work.

Slide the cartridge into the notched area so the tabs connect with the reset tool's pins. On universal devices, press the cartridge to the device so the pins and tabs make contact. Watch for the red light to turn on, indicating contact has been made, and then for the green light to turn on, indicating the chip is now reset.

Open the Canon printer's access door and insert the cartridge into the carrier. Print a test page by opening up any file and selecting the File and then Print option. No warning message should appear. If it does, remove the cartridge and attempt the reset once again.

Things You'll Need

  • Chip-reset device
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