How to Buy Porsche Design P8134 Glasses

Updated April 17, 2017

The retail name for the Porsche Design P8134 glasses is Porsche Designer Eyewear, Style Reference P8134. Porsche Design unveiled the glasses in 2008 during the International Optics and Eyewear Exhibition in Munich. These semi-rimless glasses were made with a titanium frame to ensure lifetime durability. They come equipped with 48mm up-side-down semi cone-shaped, clear-coloured spectacles. Porsche Design no longer manufactures this frame; however, you can still buy the glasses online and in certain retail outlets.

Schedule an appointment with your optometrist. Tell him about any vision problems prompting the need for reading glasses and ask what prescription is right for you. Ask for his opinion on the Porsche 8134 glasses and whether they are available for purchase through his practice.

Call local eyewear stores in your area and ask if they have the Porsche 8134 reading glasses in stock. Visit the store and try on the glasses to see how they fit your face. These glasses follow a very minimalistic style that may not suit all consumers.

Consider buying your glasses online for the best pricing. Do an Internet key word search using the words "Porsche 8134." Many online retail outlets, such as and, offer deeply discounted pricing.

Weigh all the factors. If you optometrist did not disapprove use of the glasses, and you like the way the glasses look on you, select a purchase strategy.

Ask the local eyewear stores and your optometrist if they match competitor pricing. Print the product page featuring the glasses from the merchant selling the glasses for the lowest price. Bring the printed document with you to the store; retailers often need proof of a competitor's sale price when they price match.

Buy the glasses from an online merchant if the local stores won't offer you competitive pricing.

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