How to reset ink levels on an Epson printer

Written by steve smith | 13/05/2017
How to reset ink levels on an Epson printer
Refill cartridges for Epson printers and then reset them. (Getty Thinkstock)

Resetting Epson printer ink cartridges takes only a few minutes of your time. It removes the annoying ink-level indicator warning that pops up each and every time you try and print. To reset any Epson cartridge, first purchase an Epson cartridge chip reset device. Epson makes a reset device for each type of Epson cartridge on the market. Some work for several different types of cartridges, and there are universal resetters that work on printers from several brands like Canon, Epson and HP.

Purchase a chip reset device for your particular Epson model number (or a universal device that works with your model cartridge) from an ink supply store. (See Resources for an example.)

Set the chip reset device on a table with the flat side down and the notched area facing up and accessible.

Line up the Epson cartridge you wish to reset with the notched area in the chip reset device. Push the cartridge into the device so the metal tabs on the side of the cartridge line up with the tabs in the reset device. A red light on the side of the device will turn on once contact is made.

Hold the cartridge in the device until the green light turns on. Remove the cartridge from the device. It is now reset and ready to go back into the printer for use.

Things you need

  • Chip reset device for your Epson printer model

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