How to Complete Nursing Job Application Forms

Updated November 21, 2016

Securing a nursing post can be a lengthy and demanding process, from initially seeing the job advertisement to starting the job. The application form is a key part of this procedure because it is the first impression the prospective employer gets of the applicant. Filling in the best possible application form requires time and skill, because it must fulfil the conventions, yet also stand out enough to secure the applicant an interview.

Read carefully through the form and any additional information sent by the employer. This might include a job description. Inquire into the possibility of visiting the workplace. This demonstrates your interest and gives you a feel for the environment. Research the hospital or institution. Make rough notes on your own career and education, including dates. Consider filling out a practice form, initially, if you are nervous about making mistakes.

Fill in all sections of the application form. Think carefully about any gaps in your employment history, and if you can, give an explanation, for example if you have had time out to have a baby or to travel. Include any information which is particularly relevant to the application. If you have successfully completed a related course, for instance in clinical nurse management, or achieved a promotion, make sure you include this information.

Write the personal information section of the form particularly carefully. This is the part of the form that will give the reader a strong impression of the type of person you are. Describe your interests honestly, as these often give an indication of a well-rounded person. Professional nursing qualifications and career achievements, though important do not give a full picture of the applicant. Proofread your application form carefully. Ask a friend to read it through, also.


Read the job description before starting the form and try make your application relevant to the specific position.


Avoid jargon, cliches and stating the obvious.

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