How to find someone using their cell phone signal

Updated July 20, 2017

There is a convenient and low-cost way to trace your kids, husband or employees. When you have a GPS locator service, all it takes is the push of a button to find where they are. Automated settings are another way you can track their movements. You can also determine what time they arrived at a certain address. A GPS locator service will alleviate your stress by keeping you informed.

Get GPS software used to follow the movements of others. Whether you opt for AT&T's Family Map, Sprint's Family Locator or Accutracking, all are relatively low in cost. They range from £3 to £6.40 a month. All provide comparable services to provide information.

Look at the AT&T Family Map, but only if you are an AT&T customer for phone service. It utilises both GPS and information from the cell phone towers to locate user phones. There are several methods you can employ to keep track of where users are at certain times. One is to create a schedule to locate certain users at specified times. You can do it by logging in to the Internet by phone or computer. You can add other people to the network for a small additional fee. There is no risk with the free trial of 30 days.

Choose Sprint Family Map, and you do not have to download additional software as long as you are a Sprint or Nextel customer. It will be built right into the phone. You can track an entire 30-day history of an individual's travels. Plus, you can set up scheduling alerts to find out where someone is at a certain time. Be notified of his or her location at various preset times.

Try Accutracking because this service offers multiple features. This makes it the premier service for keeping track of where employees are at any given time. If you are loaning a vehicle to one of your children, there are two applications to assure that they don't drive in areas you consider off-limits. Set up a "geofence" and a "speed alert" to make certain they don't drive too fast either. Tracking reports on employees will guarantee their mileage, driving speed and how much time they spend at each location is recorded. Alternatively, you can embed a location in a website or connect to Facebook and disclose their location to friends.

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