How to build a raised fish pond

Updated July 20, 2017

Landscaping is a way to embellish open spaces. If you happen to own a garden, a water feature or a fish pond can be a great addition to the environment. Water is soothing and pleasant to sit and watch, and when you have fish to watch and feed, it's even better. Children love fish and want to help care for them. Creating an above-ground fish pond takes a trip to the garden centre, and the pond can be constructed in one day. This is a temporary fish pond that can be moved if you move.

Choose a level, full-sun spot in your garden near a terrace or outside entertainment area to place the fish pond. Make sure the pond will be away from trees, as leaves can stop up the equipment. The pond will need to be near your outdoor electric outlet.

Set the pond form in the flat area chosen and place your large 30 cm (12-inch) landscaping rocks around the plastic pond to hide the plastic pond. Butt the rocks tight next to each other, leaving a 4-inch gap between the pond form and the landscape rocks. If you wish, place a second circle of rocks outside of the first circle of rocks to make a thick rock border. Again, butt the rocks tightly against each other, as they need to hold sand behind them.

Pour the 10 cm (4-inch) gap between the pond and rocks full of clean sand all the way around the pool to 5 cm (2 inches) below the pond lip.

Install the fish pond pump and filter kit as the instructions outline. This will aerate the water and give the fish oxygen. Plug in to an outdoor extension cord. Cover the cord with more rock or mulch as you run it to your outdoor electric plug to camouflage it.

Fill your pond with water and set two water lily plants in the pond. Put some small plants into the sand around the plastic pool. Succulents are best. And put smaller river rock all around those plants where you wish to add d├ęcor. When you get it up and running, add your fish. Keep the pond clean.


Add coloured blue gravel to the bottom of the pool for interest. Keep the pond full of water. Add shiny coloured-glass rocks in the pool and on the sand randomly. Unplug the pond for short periods of time in electrical storms.


Feed your fish with koi feed per directions. Do not overfeed.

Things You'll Need

  • 500 litre (125-gallon) plastic formed pond with flat bottom
  • Pond pump and filter kit
  • 30 cm (12-inch) landscape rocks
  • Sand
  • Bag of river rock
  • Bag of coloured round glass rocks
  • Water plants
  • Succulent plants
  • Blue gravel
  • Fish
  • Outdoor electric cord
  • Mulch
  • Outdoor electric outlet
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