How to Hide Pond Liners

A pond can add style and sophistication to any outdoor living space. To construct a pond, a homeowner or landscaper must cover the hole that was dug for the pond with a liner. For the most part, these liners are thick, black and unattractive. Many times, an aesthetically unpleasant black liner can be seen poking through the edges of the pond. It is possible to conceal this pond liner to maintain the appearance of the entire pond.

With a pair of scissors, cut off the excess liner around the edges of the pond. The liner edge should be left approximately 6 inches long to ensure that it can be secured.

Line the edges of the liner with flag stones, decorative rocks, bricks, limestone slabs, or any heavy objects of your choice. The materials can be placed in a straight line across the entire edge of the pond, or placed in a decorative pattern. The materials used should overlap 1 to 2 inches to further secure the edges of the liner.

Place small stones in any gaps found between the materials used to cover the liner.


Pour mortar between the stones, bricks, or limestone slabs to ensure that the rocks do not slip or move.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Large stones
  • Small stones
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