How to Program a Manual Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell manufactures manual thermostats as well as the digital programmable thermostats. When people want to program a manual thermostat, they are referring to setting the thermostat controls. There are three different settings the homeowner can adjust on a manual thermostat. When programming the temperature, ensure that you set the correct heating or cooling system setting. Honeywell manual thermostats come in the traditional round variety as well as a square and rectangular models. All program in a similar fashion.

Locate the system tab on the left side of the thermostat. Move the tab to the desired system you want to use. The system tab has three designations: heat, cool and off.

Find the fan tab on the right side of the thermostat and flip the tab to either the "Auto" or "On" position. The "Auto" position only turns the fan on when the cooling or heating system is operating. The “On”position will leave the fan running continuously to circulate the air in your home without having the system in heat or cool mode. This is especially useful in the spring when air circulation alone will cool the home.

Look at the two temperature dials on the face of the thermostat, if you have a round thermostat. The lower dial is the actual room temperature. Rotate the body of the thermostat around the temperature dials until the upper red indicator points to your desired room temperature. Remember to set the system tab accordingly.

Locate the temperature tab on the bottom of the thermostat, if your thermostat is square. Move the tab to the left or right to set the desired room temperature.

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