How to Address an Envelope to Two People With Different Last Names That Live in the Same Household

Updated February 21, 2017

When addressing an envelope to two people with different last names, you need to consider a few factors. Etiquette makes distinctions between married and unmarried couples, as well as other, non-romantic twosomes that live in the same household. Once you know the particular circumstance of the couple that you are writing to, you can properly address the envelope.

Address the envelope with both names on the first line using the word "and" between their names. This is the proper way to address married couples who use separate last names.

Address the second line with the house address.

Place the city, state and Postcode on the third line as usual.

For example:

Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Johnson

100 Anywhere Street

Anytown, State ZIP

Address the envelope for an unmarried man and woman living together as a couple by having both names on one line, as you would for married couples, or by having the names on separate lines. Place the female's name on the first line of the address and the male's name on the second, without the "and," if using separate lines.

Address envelopes for other pairs of people who share an address, such as siblings or platonic roommates, by listing names on separate lines without using "and."

Add the address, city, state and Postcode as usual. For example:

Jane Doe

John Johnson

100 Anywhere Street

Anytown, State ZIP

Address the envelope with both people's names on separate lines if the people are not married and they are the same gender or if they are platonic housemates and are of the same gender. Place the name of the person you know on the top line and the one you do not know on the second. If you know both people, place the names in alphabetical order. Do not use the word "and."

Place the house address or P.O. box on the second line.

Place the state, country and Postcode as usual on the third line. The address should read as the following example for females:

Jane Doe

Jillian Elliott

100 Anywhere Street

Anytown, State ZIP


Write the return address on the back flap of the envelope to be in keeping with etiquette. Also, address labels are not recommended if you are concerned about address etiquette.

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