How to Change the Order of a Playlist in iTunes

Updated February 21, 2017

The iTunes media player gives users the ability to place audio files, such as songs, into different playlists. When the playlist is enabled, only the files that you have placed inside of the playlist will be available for playing. If you are going to burn the files inside a certain iTunes playlist onto a CD, or you are sick of the order of the songs inside that playlist, you may wish to change the order of some of the songs located inside of the playlist.

Open iTunes.

Select the iTunes playlist you are editing by clicking the playlist title underneath the "Playlists" category, inside the left iTunes pane. The files saved in the playlist appear in the middle of iTunes.

Click the "Shuffle" button, located in the bottom iTunes toolbar beneath the "Playlists" category, in order to turn the "Shuffle" feature to "Off." The order of files in an iTunes playlist cannot be changed if "Shuffle" is turned on. Proceed to the next step if "Shuffle" is already turned off.

Click the top of the far left column (the column next to the "Name" column) in the centre of the iTunes program. An upward-facing arrow appears at the top of that column, and the files inside the iTunes playlist are placed in alphabetical order.

Click on one song that you would like to move inside the iTunes playlist. That file is highlighted.

Drag the iTunes song to a different spot in the playlist. Release the mouse button and the file is in a new position. Repeat this step with different files inside the playlist until you're finished changing the playlist order.

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