How to Open Microsoft Publisher Online

Updated July 20, 2017

You've received a Publisher file, but you can't open it. There are steps you can take to view the information in the file. The "quick fixes" are obvious: ask the sender to resend the file in a different format, or go to the Microsoft website and download a free trial version of Publisher. But if those solutions don't work for you, you can get help from the free file converter at the Zamzar website (see References). Once there, you can choose from a list of common file formats, including "PDF."

Save the Publisher file on your computer. Ensure that you put it in location that you can find again.

Go to

Follow the steps at the Zamzar site to upload your Publisher file and chose a conversion option. Zamzar allows you to choose from several file format options, but the "PDF" option is an excellent choice. Most people are able to view "PDF" files on their computer.

Click the "Convert" button. This will take you to a page notifying you that Zamzar has sent your converted file to your e-mail address.

Go to your mailbox to receive a message with the converted file attached. It may take a while for the message to arrive; just keep checking.

Open the message, download the attachment and view the file.


If you can't view the file because you don't have Adobe Reader (the program that allows you to view "PDF" files), go the Adobe website and download the reader.

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