How to Use a Projector With an Acer Laptop

Updated March 23, 2017

You can connect your Acer laptop to a projector for business meetings, to watch TV or to use the projector screen as a monitor. Keep in mind each projector may have a different process, so check your owner manual. The projector should include all of the cords you need for a good connection.

Power off your Acer laptop and projector.

Plug the male end of the cord with blue connectors to the female port on the laptop. This port is on the right hand side of most Acer laptops. Connect the other end of the blue cord to the port on the projector. This port often has a picture of a computer above it and may say video out. The port on both the projector and computer is most often blue.

Place the projector and laptop on a table and point it toward the screen.

Power up the laptop. When your computer has completed its boot up, turn the projector on. If the computer screen is not projected onto the projector screen, you may need to press F5 to allow the computer to project. Check the focus, zoom, and adjust for an optimal picture.


Check your projector manual for any brand specific instructions.

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