How to Write Thank-You Notes for Flowers

Updated February 16, 2017

If you've received a beautiful bouquet as a gift, show your appreciation with a thank-you note. Whether the floral arrangement celebrates a milestone at work or a birthday, a well-written thank-you note acknowledges the beauty of the gift and your gratitude. Sending a thank-you note via e-mail or jotting your thanks down on a card assures the sender that you have received the flowers and appreciate the gesture.

Gather your materials. For a written thank-you note, you'll need a pen, note cards, stamps and the gift giver's correct mailing address. For e-mail notes, get the recipient's preferred e-mail address.

Personalise the thank you note with stationery. Buy note cards with your initials featured at the top of the stationery. Or for flowers sent for professional or business occasions, reply to the sender with a quick thank-you note using your business letterhead.

Write the thank-you note by hand. In the age of e-mail, add a personal touch with a note written in cursive. Emily Post's website suggests that, " Handwritten notes are more special and warmer than other forms of thank-yous."

Follow a thank-you note template. Whether you write a business thank-you note for flowers or a personal note to a friend, include three important details: A salutation with the gift giver's name at the top of the note with "Dear ____"; a thank-you to the gift giver for sending the gift, with a few specific remarks about the gift and your appreciation; and a closing, such as, "Best regards or Very truly yours."

Be prompt in your response. Write your thank you note within a week of receiving the floral arrangement. If e-mail is your preferred method of communication, send the thank you note within three days of receiving the flowers.


To spice up a standard thank you, discuss the beauty of the floral arrangement. Your description of the gift shows the sender your special appreciation of the flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen
  • Note cards
  • Stationery or letterhead
  • E-mail address
  • Home or work address
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