How to make your own concrete driveway pavers

Concrete pavers can transform your driveway from boring, grey and dull to a colourful and textured surface. For a real start to finish DIY experience, make the pavers from scratch. Concrete moulds are available in a number of sizes and finishes. Choose your style and get to work crafting your driveway pavers. Purchase several paver moulds to speed up the process.

Check your work surface with a level to make sure it is even and set your paver moulds on the work surface. Dip a paper towel or rag into cooking oil and coat the inside of the mould. The concrete will release from the mould more easily with the oil.

Add liquid or powder colourant to the pre-mixed concrete. Follow the ratios and mixing instructions on the colourant packaging to achieve the right shade.

Add water to the pre-mixed concrete. Pour the water slowly, stirring constantly. Add water until the concrete is the consistency of oatmeal.

Shovel or scoop the mixture into the paver moulds. Smooth the concrete across the top of the moulds with a trowel. Shake the moulds back and forth across the table to level the mixture and eliminate air bubbles.

Leave the concrete in the moulds for 24 to 48 hours. Shake the concrete from the moulds. If the pavers are stuck, pry them loose with the end of a putty knife.

Set the pavers in an out of the way location and cover with plastic sheeting for seven days.

Seal the pavers to prevent staining. Brush a thin layer of concrete sealer across the top of the pavers. Allow the sealer to dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Concrete paver moulds
  • Cooking oil
  • Pre-mix concrete
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Small shovel or scoop
  • Trowel
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